How it Works

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Gather information from your client:

  • 3-5 years of year-end financial statements (income statement and balance sheet)
  • Obtain answers to Valuation Questions from Client (Download PDF >>)

2. Follow the user friendly prompts to enter the data received from your client. Or, purchase our Concierge Service* and we’ll enter the data for you.

3. Get BTA+Valuation report to obtain business value, business trends and prepare for client meeting.

The BTA+Valuation offers:

  • Reliable Value Conclusion
    Determines business value based on the specific company’s quantitative and qualitative factors.
  • Make Financial Statements Understandable
    Compares historical business performance in a format that helps owners understand the story behind their numbers—leading to better management.
  • Graphically Displays the Company’s Trends
    Comparative data presented in pictures can be compelling and instructive. Makes complex topics easier to understand.
  • 7 Key Ratios Every Business Owner Should Focus On
    Known as the “DuPont Ratios” these are the key ratios that reflect the overall health of the company’s ROE (return on equity).
  • Benchmarking Performance to Industry Peers
    Compares the company’s financial performance to industry peers.
  • Access to > 1300 IBIS World Industry Reports
    Summary of where the company’s industry has been, where it is going and includes call preparation questions for meeting with business owner.

Information entered into the BTA+V software for analysis is encrypted and secure to the best of current technology.


* Our BTA+V Team would be happy to enter your financial data for a one-time fee.

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