What is Your Client’s Business Really Worth?

Finally, an online business valuation tool
…at your desk, on your schedule.

BTA+Valuation + You =
Elevated Business Conversations

Are you looking for ways to have a different type of conversation to attract and engage business owners? 

Have you found yourself in planning paralysis with your business owner clients because you are missing a key piece of information?  No financial or retirement plan or important business decision can be made without having a reliable value of the business.

We’ve got you covered. BTA+Valuation is a secure online tool that positions you as the trusted advisor by providing business trend analysis, benchmarking performance against peers and ending planning paralysis with a reliable business value.

From your desk, on your schedule.

See HOW the BTA+Valuation WORKS

See how the BTA+Valuation helps peel back the layers of a business to provide unique, actionable insights. Click GO to see how it works.


“Going through the BTA process with my financial advisor has helped me gain a better understanding of what’s actually been going on in my business and helps me prioritize what I need to be doing as a business owner.

--Rick T. Business Owner

“The BTA has been invaluable in helping me build credibility and trust with my business owner clients. The fact that I can take their financial statements and turn them into a valuable discussion that no one else is having with them. This helps set me apart from my competition and add genuine value to my clients.

--Chris F. Business Advisor

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