About Us

For more than 45 years business owners and business advisors have turned to us to understand, increase and unlock the value of closely held businesses.

We recognize that financial advisors and business advisors frequently enter into planning paralysis with business owners because they lack an answer to a key question: “what is the value of the business owned by my client?” Typically, the business is their client’s largest asset which means any significant business decision or financial plan pivots on having a reliable business value. Unfortunately, most business owners have no idea as to the value of their business or they have an exaggerated expectation as to the value of their business based on some multiple of earnings from their income statement.

In 2018 our team set out to develop the BTA+Valuation online tool to provide a user-friendly way for business advisors to have a unique conversation with business owners and provide a reliable conclusion of value that can be used for planning. Along the way we added some bells and whistles including peer benchmarking and industry information from IBISWorld data and trend analysis to share with business owning clients.

Better yet, the tool can be used whenever you need it—from your desk, on your schedule. Elevate your business conversations.


Capital Valuation Group has been helping business owners across the country understand, increase and unlock the value of their businesses for over 45 years through keynote speaking, valuation analysis, determining damages and providing expert witness testimony.


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